OMG You Made That? What Have You Made, Dolls?

Posted at 2:29 PM Nov 06, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg


Sigh. Yes, today is a day of nostalgia, a day when we look back at "OMG You Made That?"s of yore. Remember deviant My Little Ponies? What about awesome monster hats? Or who could forget this delicious Guitar Hero cake? Ah, the craftsy, pro-sewing, baking-loving memories. Why am I so nostalgic? Because today, dolls, "OMG You Made That?" grows up and goes off on its own. Today I want to hear about things that have been made by you.

I know you're secretly craftsy. Don't be afraid to share. Maybe you've baked fondue inside a pumpkin. Maybe you make awesome, colorful clothes. Ooh, or maybe you're the founder of a cool new website. Whatever it is you do, I want to hear about it. If you've got pictures, that's even better. Wait, you mean you can crochet, bake cupcakes, and paint portraits all at the same time? I am preparing to be impressed...

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Anne Packrat said:

Do costumes count?

Lauren said:

I have no idea how I missed this post, I make soap!

Bonnie said:

Sorry for the late reply, Anne. Of course costumes count!

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