OMG You Made That? Tasty Artisan Soap

Posted at 2:36 PM Nov 20, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

A few weeks back, "OMG You Made That?" asked you, the reader, what kind of awesome stuff you make? Reader Lauren, who is apparently awesome, told us she makes soap and sells it on Etsy. Lauren's soap is all handmade and wrapped for fancy present-giving. She writes on her Etsy page, "I'm a pampering addict, and I have been obsessed with bath time since I was a little girl. Soap and spa products are my passion." Check out what she can do:

A lot of Lauren's soaps have food themes, which makes them only more awesome. In addition to the sudsy cupcakes you see above, there are gorgeous candy cane soaps, wasabi soaps, even beer soaps. I wouldn't know whether to wash with them or bite them, but either way, Lauren, I'm damn impressed. You're an example to all us would-be creative dolls -- myself included.

So what are you making? I really want to know!


Lauren said:

Thanks so much for the shout out!

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