Sites We'd Like to Have a Drink With: Lesbian Gamers

Posted at 1:17 PM Oct 13, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

Being a woman and being a video gamer can be a tough enough combination without also being gay. The video game community, God bless its predictable little soul, is often cruel to people who don't fit the bill of male, heterosexual, hardcore-ness -- and lesbian gamers are no strangers to homophobic or otherwise hateful remarks in that realm. That's why I have so much respect for the ladies over at Lesbian Gamers, who run their site with an unapologetic eye for all things so totally gay... in the good, literal kind of way.

Lesbian Gamers ask questions like, "Which video game girls are gay?", "Which ones would go good together in lesbian couples?", and "How are girls in general treated in video game advertising?" Those are all important -- and often fun -- questions, Lesbian Gamers. That's why Heartless Doll was wondering whether you'd like to discuss them over a drink sometime. We're not trying to ease our way into anything romantic (not that we'd be against that, we're just not that slick), but feel free to over-analyze our offer in a way that's simultaneously entertaining and enlightening. What do you say?



Johanna Smit said:

I love Big and Nice Asses

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