Regression Obsession: Caboodles

Posted at 4:00 PM Oct 01, 2008

By Sharon Steel


Every '80s girl basically had at least one friend who owned a Caboodle that was jam-packed with scrunchies, Wet & Wild make-up (we'll return to this at a later date), and vast quantities of plastic jewelery. I was not that friend, but I had one -- because she was a dancer, she actually had an excuse to use her Caboodle at competitions. She always looked so official carrying it around. It was the suitcase for 5th graders, and don't you dare compare it to a fisherman's tackle box! Do they come in teal with a baby-pink accents? I think not.

Now, unless you're a professional make-up artist, you probably haven't had reason to visit the Caboodles web site recently. I went there so that you don't have to, and there's a whole new world of girly organizers out there just waiting to be filled with crap you don't really need! Personally, I'm most taken with the vintage-y Swinger Caboodle, which reminds me most of the one I so desperately coveted back in the day.


joan darque said:

Oh my...I actually had that pink and turquoise Caboodle when I was about 16...and kept it through college.

Now I'm in my early 30s, and I just went out and bought one of their metal train cases for my makeup and theatrical supplies.

Caboodles are the sh*t, no matter what your age! ;)

Sharon said:

Spoken like a true devotee. And now, I get to be jealous of your metal train case.

Bonnie said:

OMG I still have mine at home. Now I have to dig it out of my closet and hug it!

Allison said:

I have a teal and blue caboodle from when I was a kid and I use it now to hold my art supplies!

Kami said:

I still use my old signature tray that I bought right before high school. It's purple and held everything I used easily, except there was only room for maybe eight lipsticks. I also had a peach colored jewelry case circa 1986, and I remember that Caboodles was holding a contest for Debbie Gibson tickets, lol. Anyone actually send away for the personalized name stickers? Only one of my friends actually got hers. I have a hand me down makeup case that just isn't the same and was saying to my husband that I could use another one to hold what I have -- nice to know that Caboodles still makes cases, and the updated ones are "grown-upy" enough for us adult little girls :)

Favorite Hair Accessories said:

Caboodles full of your favorite hair accessories... A girl has to have her priorities!

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