OMG You Made That? Answers to "Digg for Girls"

Posted at 5:30 PM Oct 23, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

sweethype.jpgAs you may have noticed, dolls, my list from last Tuesday calling for a Digg for girls got quite a response from readers who agree there should be a girls' club to rival the Digg boys' club. Along with those comments, I did get two suggestions for websites people like you and me, who are pining for a girlie Digg, have actually gone out and made. That's why this week's "OMG You Made That?" is dedicated to the designers, coders, and all around web-savvy people who actually got off their butts and implemented their ideas instead of just writing lists about them. So, without further ado, we've got:

1. Readers had a lot of good things to say about Kirtsy in the comments. Like Digg, it's the kind of site you submit news and then vote up your favorite links. Just to indicate the girlie nature of the site, the current top stories are "Ok, cupcakes, where is your Diva?!" and "Empowering Women with Breast Cancer." Unfortunately Kirtsy's numbers are still pretty low, as evidenced by the fact that it only takes 15 votes to make it to the front page. Go on and change that by joining the site!

2. SweetHype. This one is actually made by a Heartless Doll reader, Kim Phan, who wrote to me: "I saw your posting "5 Reasons Why I want Digg for Girls" and I totally agree with you. The reasons you listed were some of the many that inspired me to create Sweethype, a site for women to post links to articles that they find interesting, inspiring, etc. We want this site to be a girls' club of sorts, a place of our own online." Phan also mentioned she's looking for suggestions on how to improve the site. That means you should give it a once over for yourself and see what you'd suggest!

Well, what are you still doing here?


Nadia parez said: is also of same type

Bonnie said:

Just checked out the site. It doesn't seem to have a girlie edge, though it could be useful simply because it lacks that's hard-to-enter core group of users like Digg has... Thanks for the link!

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