Penny Arcade Expo '08: spend time in a costume, be in strangers' photos

Posted at 12:01 PM Sep 02, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

One of the staples of any fan event like The Penny Arcade Expo is people dressing up in costumes to imitate their favorite video game and anime characters. This past weekend, cosplayers were out in full force. Some of my favorites included these Katamari girls, this Master Chief, and this sad excuse for a little girl.

While dressing up looks like a lot of fun, I'm never quite sure what the etiquette is with people in costumes. When they look like they're having a good time, I don't mind stopping them for photos, but when they look tired and sweaty I always feel bad convincing them to put their giant foam heads back on and pose. Also, I forget that not only journalists take photos of these guys. It's also normal expo-goers who break out the cameras to document the well-meaning freak show.

Speaking of cosplaying, what do you wear under those suits? 'Cause if it's nothing, I don't want to know.


Anne Packrat said:

You'll be glad to know I wear shorts and a T-shirt under my mascot costumes. And that I shower at least once a day at every con. Hell, I'll even shower twice a day if it's summer or just really really hot.

Bonnie said:

I imagine it must get seriously hot in there! I worked at a Build-a-Bear a million years ago and every so often they made one of us dress up in a giant bear suit. Whoever did it had to get packed with ice beforehand, plus there was an electric fan inside the fur. Fun!

Anne Packrat said:

I remember you mentioning the Build-a-Bear thing, but not from here, on your own blog, but on Heroine Sheik instead. I get to this blog through a friend linking Topless Robot, and find the author of another blog I read already here. ^^

And yeah, it gets hot as heck. One reason I'm trying to do my Goron outfit for an Ohioan winter convention. ^^

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