OMG You Made That? Internet Meme Time Line

Posted at 12:01 PM Sep 19, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

In addition to hand-knit boobies, today Wired is also running an interview with BK Gupta, the creator of the interactive internet meme time line. The time line, which is part of, has now seen more than a million page views and 250 data points. That means 250 LOLcats, or Homestar Runners, or whatever else is crazing the hearts of the internet masses for the next three weeks.

Wired's interview asks about the accuracy of time lines when left to users, and what's next for Dipity, but it doesn't ask some of the most nagging questions this particular interviewee would have no good reason to be able to answer: why do memes come and go like they do? Instead of being evenly spread out, internet phenomena ebb and wane in popularity like freaky, kitten-loving tides. And exactly what is it that attracts us to these memes? Why Chuck Norris facts and not Martha Stewart facts?

Hidden under Martha Stewart's chin is another fist. She actually uses it sprinkle sugar onto her blueberry pie before serving.


John said:

Martha Stewart once killed a man in Katonah, just so she could make him a lovely death shroud and coffin pillow.

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