Heartless Doll at the Bound Gods release party

Posted at 10:23 AM Sep 15, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

As promised, on Friday night I headed out to the release party for Kink.com's new male bondage site, Bound Gods. Contrary to what I'd thought, the event wasn't actually held in the Kink warehouse, which is somewhere down in San Francisco's Mission district. Instead it was in the Armory, a giant, fortified building with California flags flying from its turrets (yes, turrets), also in the Mission. [Note from the PR fairy: the Armory is the new Kink warehouse. How cool!] At first I thought I had the wrong place, until I spotted the blacked-out windows. A man walked past me in a shirt that read, "I love Jesus," except that Jesus had been crossed out and replaced with "blowjobs." Right spot!

The party started at 6:00, so it took a little while to pick up. Inside the open bar was supplementing with near-nude go-go boys and not one but two screens showing off the hardcore male porn Bound Gods will be producing. Later on in the night there was apparently some sort of floor show, though I bailed for a local burrito before seeing it. All in all, a lovely little soirée -- though it was particularly hard to keep up a conversation with hot, naked men roaming the floor. More than once I found myself stopped, mid-sentence, staring at a well-formed ass. The person I was talking to was like, "Um, hi, it's been like 30 seconds since you made a sound..."


Sara said:

I thought the armory *was* the kink warehouse. There was a large amount of public outcry when Kink took over the building. Apparently hardcore S&M porn and San Francisco landmarks aren't supposed to mix. :-)

Bonnie said:

Indeed you're right. I was just informed by the PR fairy himself. What an amazing building for shooting porn!

John Sander said:

For the record, we have long since sold our old 'warehouse', the 'Porn Palace.' The Armory is our one and only home now.

- John Sander, Kink.com

josh said:

how cool the armory as the new kink warehouse

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