Adorable ninjas fight, hug, wear scarves

Posted at 10:44 AM Sep 16, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

Before heading out to the Bound Gods release party on Friday, I swung by Sandbox, a PR company that specializes in giving video game reviewers like me somewhere cozy to check out new titles. Like, seriously, their office is the size of my living room and they've got a sofa and flat screen TV right in the center. It's pretty sweet.

While I was at Sandbox, I tested out a bunch of games, but by far the most adorable was Ninjatown. This little strategy title for the Nintendo DS, which comes out next month, was actually inspired by a line of Ninja toys that are themselves heart-stoppingly cute.

It's probably no surprise that a game based on a stuffed animal earns a lot more points for looks than gameplay. Personally I was won over by the ninja character design: some are old, some are feisty, some wear scarves. Also, when the ninjas aren't fighting off enemies (oh right: that's the point of the game), they stand around, look way too happy, and occasionally hug. Now that's my kind of ninja.


secret ninja said:

omg! i almost bought that game at game stop awhile ago! but my stupid "friend" said "no! don't get that game get this one u want that's $10 less & then buy me this game!" ya she's kinda a moocher so i didn't buy her a game cuz her not bring money is her own falt & i hardly had $100 that had tooken me a year or so to save up by pet sitting for my neibor (that includs cleaning cat boxes out!) & this friend i'm talking about has around 13 games already most of which are just like the 1 she tried to get out of me!

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