Top 10 Second Life Outfits I Wish Owned (and Could Pull Off) in Real Life

Posted at 5:00 AM Aug 14, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

It's August, which means it's almost fall, which means changing weather, which means new clothes! At least, that's the way my brain works. This shopping season, though, I'm feeling unimpressed by the choices available in stores. Maybe that's because I spend too much time in Second Life, the online world where girls like me can dress up as ill-advised super models to their hearts' content regardless of the season.

Because Second Life users can create their own clothing, there's a thriving fashion industry within the world, one that would blow the socks off those stiffs at Vogue. Getting dressed there is like playing with a Barbie who has scores of creative internet dorks designing for her every day. Feeling jealous, Barbie? Here then are some of my favorite Second Life outfits, new for this season, which I wish I could own -- or, for that matter, pull off outside of cyberspace.



Designed by Second Life stylist Unique Moonsoo. This strapless, purple dress starts my long obsession with fitted tops and flowing skirts. Check out the built-in belt buckle. With breast like that model's, I could never keep that on. Thank goodness for internet gravity.


Designed by Simone. This is another gorgeous dress that would never stay on my body in real life. I love the bow, and the implied satin feel of the skirt. Take off the frills and you can even be a dominatrix!


Designed by Nicky Ree. This dress may seem more spring than fall, but remember: in Second Life, there's no need to worry about temperature. How much fun would it be to spin around in circles in that and watch it twirl?


Designed by Muze. This green, evening affair of a dress almost glows. I could do without the hat, but once again the possibility of twirling wins me over.


Designed Arranged by Junko Otsuka. This little Parisian outfit makes me say, "Ooh la la." I could never pull off the puffy shoulders or the black, brimmed hat, or the enormous belt -- though, in my defense, I don't often use a backdrop of Notre Dame as a fashion accessory.

5. Designed by Dorothy Willis Aoharu. Only the internet gods know what's keeping the top of this lovely ribbon dress from tumbling to the ground of Second Life. Still, as a sexy little party number, it rocks. Now if only this online journalist had anywhere to wear it...


Designed by House of Rfyre. This outfit would look utterly absurd on just about anyone in real life. In Second Life, however, it rocks the big sleeves, the fitted vest, and the clunky boots. One, please!


Designed by Ambrosia Miklos. This outfit says, "Don't you wish you looked this stunning when you went to a job interview?" Those tights alone are enough to blow my meat-space mind.


Designed by KyootArmy. Treading dangerously close to waif-like, super model territory, this dress wins me heart nonetheless. Is that a bow tie she's wearing? Amazing!


Designed by Chiko Duell. This is one of those get-ups I will absolutely never get to own or wear, let alone look good in. The boots, the ribbons, the parasol: all unobtainable. But a girl can dream, can't she?


Tara said:

I've been on sl for a while myself and it never ceases to amaze me when I see the endless diversity of fashion in sl. Personally I was never what you'd call a fashionista in rl so sl really blew me away. Even the freebies I was getting in my early days were more fun to wear than the stuff I usually wear in rl.

Sarah said:

You can totally find the outfit for number 1 by simply looking up the term "gothic lolita" on eBay.

Ann said:

You should check the credits on #6 again...Junko styled the outfit, but she didn't design any of it.

anon said:

#5 is made by aoharu
Info on aoharu:

or u can check out the free*style blog's entry

anon said:

#5 is made by aoharu
Info on aoharu:

or u can check out the free*style blog's entry

Dorothy Willis said:

Hi there,
I wish I had the talent to design such a lovely dress, but it is designed by machang Pichot of Aoharu, not me. Actually, you have got most of the designers wrong here.
Another thing is that I doubt if you have been given permission to use the images; at least not from me. The picture you use here is originally taken by me and posted on my own blog's review ( os I feel like my copyright has been violated. I assume that you don't have permissions to use most of the pictures here, so please take off any images that you don't have permission to use.
Dorothy Willis

Bonnie said:

Thanks for all your corrections, guy. Those changes have been made. Also, Dorothy, I've taken your image down.

Unique Moonsoo said:

Hi Bonnie, for me its is no problem at all that you use my picture.
Thank you that I am in your top 10
You have a good taste :-))

Unique Moonsoo

Simone said:

Wow, thanks for the lovely review! :) I do appreciate the mention. :) I cant take credit for the garters, though, as they are not my work, and not a part of that dress set, but if you contact me inside SL, I can pass you an image that is mine. This image looks like it is from the Linden Lifestyles fashion blog.

Again, thanks! I'm glad you like the work! :)

StarPlayer said:

Hiya Heartless:) I love your top ten, um most of them at least:) Unique Moonsoo? I am sorry, but he stuff is quite boring to me. Very basic designs, no real imagination. I've been to her store, lots of her stuff looks kind of familiar, see it before. Nothing like RFyre, Silent Sparrow, Innovations, now those are some desingers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Tigress said:

Uh, there is NO WAY that the #9 outfit would ever pass as a dominatrix outfit! I think you need to researcn what dominatrix's actually look like!

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