OMG You Made That? Deviant My Little Ponies

Posted at 3:57 PM Aug 28, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

It wasn't enough to mutilate Barbies in the name of art, now Urlesque brings us these home-made My Little Pony adaptations from Deviant Art. Far from being mere cut-and-paste jobs with pony limbs, this stuff is impressive. We've got My Little Joker, My Little Edward Scissorhands, and even My Little Cat Woman.

The level of twisted detail on these guys is just amazing. Plus, it makes me want to break out my old ponies and create art. Sure, you were fun in your day, ponies, but what have you done for me lately? Instead of collecting dust, you could be sporting pleather or saving the universe with your cinnamon bun hair. To Spippo, the deviant pony artist, I say an official "OMG, good job."


dksp said:

OMFG MY LITTLE CTHULHU this woman is incredible!

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