OMG You Made That? Baby Katamari Hat

Posted at 4:00 PM Aug 21, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

babykatamari.jpgNo, silly, not the baby. We're talking about the hat.

Non-gamers may think of video game fans as a coarse, boyish bunch who like to shoot imaginary guns while refusing to shower or develop social skills. In reality, us joystick lovers (yes, that should be the name of a game-related porno) are a pretty crafty bunch. Last week in "OMG You Made That?" we looked at the phenomenon of video game cakes, wherein everybody and their mother turns their favorite game into a baked good. This week we're hitting the Katamari phenomenon, and we're hitting it hard. That is, in the full force of its adorableness.

Katamari Damacy is a video game that first came out in 2004. Brightly colored and downright bizarre, the premise of the game is to roll up objects, people, and eventually even buildings into a growing ball of stuff. Because of its cute, addictive nature and its dedicated following, Katamari has spawned countless crafts: Katamari cakes, Katamari jack-o-lanterns, Katamari papercrafts. The most recent addition to the list is also the most adorably horrifying: the crochet Katamari baby hat, which transforms your once innocent child into the alien prince from the game.

While the crocheting involved here may or may not be difficult (I know nothing about crochet) the design does come with a tutorial for how to make your own hat (and subsequently dress up your own baby). There's always something strange about putting creatures in costumes who can't fight back. Then again, the baby iPod made it all OK, so why not give your child a giant, green, log-like head?


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